Our experiences

Hike along the coast, ride northern Swedish horses or experience Öland on our SUP boards. Our experiences in nature do good for both body and soul!

1 day bike package

Welcome to book our popular bike package. Cycle on gravel roads along the Öland coast, in the midst of beautiful nature and grazing cows. Find your very own spot for a swim and a coffee. We send you off with a helmet and coffee basket. Pack a towel and swimwear and your coffee basket will be waiting for you in the restaurant. The bicycle package must be booked at least 1 day in advance.

This is included in our 1 day bike package:

  • Coffee basket with sandwich and eco drink.
  •  Bike and helmet.

Regular bike, with coffee basket X 1 day / person 260 SEK
Mountain bike, with coffee basket X 1 day / person 260 SEK

We also have bicycles for hire during the day:;

  • Normal bike 190 SEK / day
  • Mountain bike 190 SEK / day

Experience Öland by SUP

Experience Öland on our SUP boards. Öland has fantastic coastlines to discover and it is an amazing experience to glide on the water.

SUP Board 190 SEK / day

Horseback riding on northern Swedish horses

Horseback riding with Swedish “fika” on northern Swedish horses. A ride you will remember, we ride through the midland forest of Öländska which has an outstanding species richness on stately safe North Swedish horses. Here you will experience animals and nature on Öländsk safari. Malin Vrejman shares her generous closeness to sustainability with human presence. We snack together while the horses graze. The ride takes 2-3h.

The ride takes place in Dyestad.
Persnäs- Dyestad distance 60 km, drive about 50 min.

The hotel sends a coffee basket with Öländsk egg egg and eco drink.
1095 SEK / person 4 places

Guided walking tour with sheep & horse

Go on a trip with sheep and horse down to the sea in the EU classified lakes, guided tour with Karin Franzen. This amazing down to earth woman has a closeness to animals and nature that will remain in everyday life. Along with our walk we pick flowers and you stop and listen in the garden so you hear when butterflies fly by. We end up having a snack while the animals graze around us.

The experience takes place in Bjärby.
Persnäs- Bjärby distance 55 km, drive about 45 min.

The hotel sends a coffee basket with Öländsk egg egg and eco drink.
Group experience 2-15 persons 3500 SEK, or 895: – / person


In Persnäs’ neighboring village Södvik we have paddle courses, feel free to contact us vibeke@hotellpersnas.se

if you want to rent the racket for 80 SEK. The racket is available for rent from 26/6.

Book a course with the app “MATCHi”.

– Download MATCHi for Android
– Download MATCHi for Iphone

Wine tasteing

We suggest that you come to our pleasant wine tasting, at your conference or as a suggested group experience? Here you taste 3 wines from Côtes du Rhône, from our nice vineyard in France Alain Jaume with delicious charcuterie, cheeses and olives.
SEK 690 / person
Warm welcome!


If you do not find anything that suits you from the above activities, we have fantastic baths,
hiking trails in various fields, roads for races, dirt roads and terrain for moutain bikes and “secret hides” and lots of other tips to offer you and your company! If you want to “bump thoughts and ideas”, please contact me! I think that would be very nice!


Accident insurance in our experiences is not included, the activities take place
at your own risk.